Florian bogensberger

Instrument: Guitar

Born in: 1988


Florian joined the Band a bit later, quite a half year before CroworD was released in 2016, during a good bar and beer session with Martin, Michael and Gabriel. They send a pretty funny photo to Lukas to announce the new colaboration in the deepest night (or maybe in the earliest morning?) - either ways Lukas stood upright in his bed. Flo recently had finished his Jazzmusic studies and returned to his hometown to work as a teacher, which works out pretty fine for the band. From now on CroworD stood in grid position and it took maybe 4 or 5 rehearsals to fit Florian in the whole musical world of CroworD. His wild and very jazzy influence in his improvisations plays an important role in their music - tall people with big hands can play big chords. 

Florian plays Solar and Ibanez guitars with D'addario Strings through an Kemper modelling Amp and has various other Guitars for other musical project like his Soul/Funk/Blues Band Flozell.