Gabriel Cresnar

Instrument: Drums

Born in: 1989


Gabriel was the first band member who joined CroworD in 2012 permanently. Always a big fan of Metal, he joined Croword as Lukas was searching for a drummer at the very beginning of the band. He also brought with him his good old friend Michael Karner who joined CroworD only some weeks later.

With immense musicality and musical skills also on other instruments, he has practiced the drums in very different styles since his childhood. After finishing music school in Judenburg Gabriel attended various drum clinics and workshops focusing on metal drumming as well as several other musical genres ( e.g with drum teachers Wolfgang Reisinger, Jojo Mayer, Wolfgang Tozzi and more). Gabriel gained a lot of drumming experience, while playing in various bands of different genres from jazz to metal. Gabriel was a member of the Austrian Prog Rock/Metal band PHI and is still a constant member of the Austrian Prog-Rock band SOUND DEALER.

Gabriel uses for CroworD Drumcraft Drums, Meinl Cymbals, Vic Firth Drumsticks and Roland Electronics