Lukas Poglitsch

Instrument: Vocals

Born in: 1999


Lukas is the newest and youngest member and got in contact with CroworD in 2017 while he produced an EP with another Band as Bassist and Background Vocalist in Lukas' Studio. CroworD's Bass Guitarist was blown away from his raw musicality and tough Studio Performance, espacially at his singing part. While he keep in contact with Lukas in the next year as  bass student and Star Wars addicted friend, he easily jumped in as substitute for a very special but important secret gig in may 2018 and delivered an impressive show as well as a good performance regarding the pre- and aftershow beers for the whole Band. 

After Martin declaired his discharge of CroworD shortly after this event the desicion was pretty easy to invite Lukas with his intense voice and the awesome performance skills as the new spearhead for CroworD. 

Lukas collected first live and studio experiences with the Metalcore Band Unseen Remains and is an ambitious bass player. He uses quite every microphone he trips upon, but most of the time its Shure.