Michael Karner

Instrument: Guitar

Born in: 1986


Michael entered a well known Jazz Club in Graz in 2012 to meet Gabriel and Lukas. There he listened to CroworD's first tracks and what they have planed with this Band. After spending some thoughts how many fingers would be needed to play some bridgeparts, he joined CroworD while the had just their first beer. A bit later he recorded the guitars on their first EP "Manifest of Mortal Sickness" alone and had the right Singer for CroworD in his mind. While everyone in CroworD strived for the release of the project, Michael finished his classical and music studies in Graz and works now as guitar teacher.

On stage and in studio Michael plays Ibanez and PRS baritone guitars with D'addario strings through Fractal Audio modelling amplifiers and Marschall cabinets. Beside CroworD he has a nice collection of guitars for quite every situation, which could be caused in the fact, that he is on an almost life long musical journey.

His first  experience in heavy music he gained in the Death Metal act Balchoth in his teenage years and leaded the live Hip Hop act Busart and the Ruffnecks later. The broad range of music don't stop in this balancing act of different types of popular music. The fast melodies in CroworD fits pretty fine to his classical approach in his guitar play.