copyright by Janusch Unterhuber

ADRIAN Schattovits

Instrument: Vocals

Born in: 2000


 When 20-year young Adrian Schattovits, accompanied by his brother, attended a metal concert, Lukas talked to him about the impossibility that anyone in this room would fit as singer into CroworD. But from the first second Adrians voice thrills everyone he meets - espacially Lukas.

Adrian though about using his voice professionally for a long time and so he started studiing on the School of Speech and trained his vocal chords for all possible situations. Due to his passion for heavy music he also tried out growling and other  guttorial techniques. So he surprised from the first demorecording on. Besides his interest in every shade of the voice, he is a thinker and embraced the idea of CroworD, working with Literature and other inspirational inputs for the lyrics he does. His musical talent does not stop on his vocal chords, he started playing the piano in his childhood and he does the drums too.

Adrian took over the word in CroworD with humility and brought in some new winds. Technically as well as philosophical. Adrian uses quite every Mic he stubles over to process is voice to the listeners but normally its a Shure SMsomething.