NRT-Records reveals first glimpses of CRIMSON GAZE
Release · 16. Juni 2021
Our label NRT-Records revieled first moments of our upcoming EP "Crimson Gaze". Be sure to check it out!

CroworD live at Innrock Reloaded Festival 2021
Live · 15. Juni 2021
CroworD will play for you at the Innrock Reloaded Festival 2021 on August 6th together with old friends like Silius and Under Destruction as well as labelcolleagues CircleCreek and massiv Power Metal act Warkings

Live · 10. Juni 2021
Watch the massive Death Metal Special by GrazConnected with Interviews with Punchent Stench, Disharminic Orchestra and Disastrous Murmur and CroworD of course! On top of this we were able to perform a full live set at the ((Szene)) Wien for this event!

BlattTurbo Interview
Press · 07. Juni 2021
CroworD had an awesome chat with german magazine BLATT-TURBO! Follow the link and press the subscribe button to get more nice stuff from these guys!

CroworD featured by
Press · 01. Juni 2021
Stormbringer wrote an totally nice article about our show at ((Szene)) Vienna. Wanna read it - go there:

CroworD live at ((Szene)) Vienna
Live · 29. Mai 2021
CroworD was invited to stay on stage at ((Szene)) Vienna by Peter Droneberger from GrazConnected to do the live-part of an amazing Death Metal special! Aired on 10/06/2021! So be our guest on your couch and watch it on Facebook via Grazconnected:

CroworD live at Sona Fest 2021
Live · 08. Februar 2021
CroworD will be unleashed again on February 27th ONLINE via Facebook on Sona Bookings page. This will be the first live event with our new line-up and we will play some new tracks from our upcoming EP "Crimson Gaze" as well! Watch the Trailer right here:

Crimson Gaze EP / Live-Album
Release · 24. Dezember 2020
Today we are very proud to show the cover of our upcoming EP/Live-Album "Crimson Gaze", which will be published by NRT-Records on Septembre 3rd 2021. Crimson Gaze EP will contain following tracks: - Crimson Gaze - Isle of the Dead - Death and the Maiden - Secession All tracks were inspired by a thoughtful selection of fine art from the beginning of the 20th century from painters such as Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt.

CroworD signs for NRT Records
Announcement · 11. Dezember 2020
We are proud to announce our new partnership with NRT-Records! Their team fell in love with our music from the first note on, which makes us confident and happy to lay it in their hands. They will be responsible for our old releases as well as our upcoming material!

CroworD presents new Line-up
Announcement · 04. Dezember 2020
This is CroworD in 2021. After one and a half years of preparation and looking for the final line-up, CroworD is happy and proud to arise from the ashes and to be finally back on tracks. We have great news following in the next weeks, but for now, here is the start of a new era: CroworD is: Adrian Schattovits - Vocals Dino Sulic - Guitar Julian Schattovits - Guitar Lukas Rappitsch - Bass Johannes Eder - Drums

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