Live · 15. August 2019
CroworD is playing a very nice new setlist at this years STP Metal Weekend, where the 5 guys meet again Epsilon and Disbelief and are also on Stage together with Schirenc plays Pungent Stench, Undertow and many more! Be there or be square!

Live · 19. Mai 2019
CroworD had an good evening yesterday at their show at Club Replugged Vienna together with acts like Boon and Mephistos. They had a short set as opener of the evening but the audiance was great, espacially everyone in Austria was looking to Ibiza that day. Thank you and see you soon!

Live · 15. Mai 2019
CroworD is proud to announce that they will meet Graz again later this year. On November 30th CroworD will team up with the mighty Final Breath, Fearancy Ghidrah and Kalima. Thanks to Austrian Metal Music Organisation for the invitation! Graz, be prepared!

Live · 27. März 2019
CroworD hit the mighty stage at ((szene)) Vienna to headline the Reign of Darkness Festival for the secund time and it was a blast! Thanks to the audiance and the organization that made this event possible!

Live · 05. Januar 2019
CroworD has to cancel their show at the Black Creek Festival due to bandmembers illness! They feel sorry and hope to return to Waidhofen soon!

Live · 14. Dezember 2018
BIG NEWS for tonight! CroworD will headline the evining of Dezember 14th 2018 at Viennas ((szene))! So their show will be longer and more intense!

Announcement · 13. Dezember 2018
American noble bass manifacture Spector endores Lukas Rappitsch, CroworD's Bassist and Bandleader! He uses an Euro 5 LX costum model for new, but let's see what the future will bring!

28. November 2018
CroworD is invited to headline this years Black Creek Festival in Waidhofen a.d. Ybbs at a old knights castle!

Live · 04. November 2018
CroworD is proud to announce the last show for 2018! They will coheadline the Reign of Darkness Festival at ((szene)) Vienna together with other awesome acts like Days of Loss and Eyes in the Void.

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