CroworD presents "new" singer!
Announcement · 28. Juli 2022
Life will always hold some surprises! After Adrian told the band, that he is going to leave CroworD, nobody thought, that the new frontman is already in their own rows.

CroworD participate in massive collaboration between classical music and modern composing to bring in some Death Metal
Announcement · 22. Februar 2022
CroworD is honoured to announce a massive collaboration with price-winning composer Gerd Hermann Ortler and the amazing Esperia Quartet based in Berlin and leaded by Johanna Pichlmair, member in one of the a-class philharmonic orchestras in europe and a sophisticated solo-violinist. CroworD gathered these extraordinary individuals together and a exciting piece of art is born and will be featured on CroworD's next full length album.

Thank you, St.Pölten. Next Stop - Berlin
Live · 20. Februar 2022
CroworD had a fantastic time in St.Pölten last night. Due to the covid pandemic, only 50 people were allowed, but they gave their fucking best to make this evening unforgetable! Be sure - CroworD will return. Next stop on CroworD's journey is Berlin. There they take part in an very intresting recording project including a string quartet and a hell of a composer. Kick-off for CroworD's next full-length album. More to be announced soon

Metalnight Outbreak invites CroworD to headline Graz and Vienna
Live · 12. Februar 2022
CroworD will be united with so many old friends this April. You can see them live on 08/04/2022 at the legendary Viperroom in Vienna or on 16/04/2022 at Graz finest Explosiv, where the "A Stars Eclipse" Video was done and CroworD will never leave such a good opportunity out.

St.Pölten show rescheduled spontaneously
Live · 07. Februar 2022
CroworD will finally crush St.Pölten again. This happens faster than expected! From today 12 days to February 19th, then they will celebrate Death Metal with only 50 fans exclusive due to the covid regulations. Come vaccinated or healed!

Live · 14. November 2021
CroworD had a fantastic time with their hometown audience last Friday and prepare from now on a massive 2022 for you! For more fotos follow the link:

CroworD headlines Label Night for NRT-Records in Graz on November, 11th
Live · 28. Oktober 2021
CroworD returns to Club Wakuum in Graz where their journey has begun 5 years ago! Don't miss when they play together with der Brothers in Crime from Tomorrows Fate and Exit to Eden gathered under the Flag of NRT-Records.

CroworD ends this year headlining St.Pölten Metal Institution
Live · 24. Oktober 2021
CroworD is invited to celebrate St.Pöltens metal institution Tales from the Moshpit in its 70. resurrection on November 27th. Together with their Death Metal Companions Catastrofear and Infected Chaos they will end 2021 with a bombastic show. Don't miss it out!

CroworD returns to ((szene)) Wien
Live · 17. Oktober 2021
CroworD will be part of the line-up for the second edition of "Death over the Night" at the mighty ((szene)) Wien, promoted by Metalnight Outbreak! They will headline this evening after brilliant shows by Catastrofear or Void Creation, just to mention a few!

Vorchdorf was a blast
Live · 12. Oktober 2021
CroworD had an amazing day in Vorchdorf, celebrating metal music in front of a lot enthusiastic metalheads! Together with their new soundengineer, CroworD are looking forward to some nice shows in 2022, hopefully in upperaustria again as well!

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