CroworD were always seen as storytellers, they will take you behind the concept of every single song and its lyrical idea, root and heritage. If you want to dive deep into the meaning of the crow's word, here is your chance. Click songs y0u always wondered what they are about, or you've never noticed.  

Isle of the Dead

Bocklin's sametitled picture shows a broken man which curse was to take every dying soul to this isle. His only wage was one soul he could save from this fate. What would you do, when you have to welcome this soul on this boat.

The Devil's Truth

The Devil's Truth refers to a true story by Adlous Huxley in which a Priest chained to a pyre still prays for forgiveness for his cruel tormentors. His individual belief gives him the strengh to bear torture and ferocity delivered by his own relegion. A reign of terror by devine design.


Klimt's critic view on his assignment to picture the four faculties of  Viennas University and its rejection and the public indignation asks us if art and inspiriation is going with the time or if art is the forger of doom. 

Crimson Gaze

Schoenbergs "Gaze", earlier "Crimson Gaze" shows us just a face in the moment, where fear turns to hate and bare brutality. Then scapegoat is what will be found. But will you cravenly be silent in this crimson gaze?

Death and the Maiden

The young Egons Schiele, while he was in service in the first world war, used this old tale, like Schubert and other artist did. From his view the Death comes as a starved priest and takes the girl in her innocence before war will strike this place and ravage but will she come with him?


Pullmanns epic saga 'His Dark Material', takes Lyra and her demon pan, on a journey to the north, guided by a truthfinder to find hundrets of children which has gone missing. But this mechanism can't find words for the cruelty that lingers in the next valley. Could you grasp the unbearable fate of all the lost ones?

Message of the Dead

Franz Kafkas' metaphor partly quoted and concluded to a hounding story about the kings power over his servents, and their blind obidience.


Progress from Discontent

Huxleys book "A Brave New World" from a different perspective. A wild one falls into a strange utopia where feelings and knowledge are gone just not to witness loss.  Revolution or death in entertainment slavery? 

Beyond Obsidian Gates

Deep in the neverending universe, a ship is lost in eternity but behind all lights of the stars hides a secret majesty - the great beyond.

The Mountain

A lonely king craves for the distance and as time doesn't matter for a cold stone the unknown glitter will reach him and will erase everything that divided them and himself too, cause what's a trice in a mountains eternity?

Spectre's Bride

Dvorak's libretto for his sametitled opera tells the topos of Agatha with an happy end for the moment. But when her beloved will not take her with him into the empire of dead, he will always follow her.

Wall of Blackness pt.I

The acustic Intermezzo drives you directly behind the meaning of "The Great Beyond". It is about the human desire of getting behind things, that never shows whats hide inside, but reveals a greater meaning of misery and doom. 

Manifest of Mortal Sickness

Ende's "The neverending Story" tells about Gmork, that is sent to kill Atreju. Tired he lays down and talked to a stranger. He identify his colloquist and with his bite he hold him tight in the moment where Nothing reach this place.

A Stars' Eclipse

Quoted from Sachs' "Sternenverdunklung", where she spokes about the oblivion and dispelling of the Shoa, and the sorrow, which each descendant has to bare. it didn't start with the camps, it started with fear and hate.

The Longest Fall

Before man appeared on earth the trees wandered and talked and even two of them fall in love. But then man came and these trees ingrained and where seperated by a growing path that only envy will end their suffer.

A Crow's Word

The medieval sickness walks through the valleys so two brothers were sent to spread alarm in the next village. But the ascent is harder this time and as one of them falls and breaks his leg, a crow sit down before them.

Wall of Blackness pt. II

Saint-Exupéry "the little Prince" as a good conclusion to "The great Beyond". The journey to the desired is long and what hides behind is sometimes elusive, but one can see it clearly.