Manifest of Mortal Sickness

One chapter of Michael Ende's "The Neverending Story" tells about Gmork, the Werwolf, that is sent to kill Atreju. But time goes by and he lays to rest in the valley of the dead mountains in the same moment Atreju visit this place. He, chained by the citizens, can't recognise the kid he was looking for, so he talks to him about his long life and all his desperation. As he identify his colloquist, Gmork bit Atreju in his leg and hold him tight in the moment where "The Nothing" reach this place to turn everything into a lie in our world. Atreju tries to walk into this seducive emergance but his arch enemy died to save his life. A manifest of mortal sickness

 My trace lost in dead mountain's land.

There you lie in chains, laid to rest.

Two worlds, but no home,

loneliness of darkness lies in your cry.


Here I am, you're searchin' for.

Twisted Grin in triumph,

as death crowned your neck.


Flying free

into the fortress of nothingness.

Blindness guides your emergence.

A manifest of mortal sickness.


"Leave me!" but nothing waits there.

I'm the one, you are striving for.

Gone to kingdom come, you're leaving both.

Damage done, as vast yaws embrace me.


There I stand, 

kings of woe cry for flesh.

Take me back,

tear a hole in my chest!


lay me in your arms

so the void, the void embraces me.

Here I lay and sleep,

there I turned to lie.


Veil me in your shades

so the void, the void can maul me.

A world deseased in innocence

for a world - sorrowdrawned.