The Mountain

"The Mountain" takes you behind Folke Tegethoff same named short story. A metaphor about the power of longing. Where a lonely king craves for a complete unknown which appears in the distance and as time doesn't matter for a cold stone the unknown blue glitter will reach him and will erase everything, what divided them and will also fall his kingdom, cause what's a trice in a mountains eternity? A knive to the throat of the aeon!

 A lonely king on chessboard of life.

What's a trice in a mountains eternalness?

With his stone ermine cold and a crown bare, 

no living shields and no breathing banners.


a static yearningly glimpse to the grace,

a ravenous urge to unite the horizons.

Words spoken through the rain in silence,

Secret blooming between petrified lungs.

If tears could bring the living breath, 

saw loneliness to reap the hope.

A definite aim to aporia in majesty,

a rivulets dawn on its riptides brutality.


King is dead, long live the king.

A curse of stones eternalness,

like a knive to the throat of the aeon.


her breath was motion of bloom and wither,

sessions drawned on her inert body.

a silent call to a revelry eternal,

criterion of time set to the mountains feet.


what's a trice in a mountains eternalness?