Spectres Bride

Dvorak's libretto for his sametitled opera tells the topos of Agatha but with a happy end for the moment. Her beloved, gone for fathers land conscription, dies in war and she waits for him, without knowing of his pass away. In clear nights he visit her in dreams and tries to take her with him. But life holds her tight, and suicide is avoided. So he decide to wait on the other side and always follow her.


Oh, pierce the night.


There i've left you,

kneeling in prayer your head bowed low

and only longing fills the loss i've left you.

I will catch you,

in darkest hour, both yours and the night,

to wipe away your tears i'll catch you.


Fine night and clear, in times like this,

rising from tombs the spectures rove.

And in a trice are close at hand,

so are you not afraid - are you not afraid?


And i'll take you,

for you don't longer belong here

for the place beside me i'll take you.

I will lead you,

for you will see the brighter day,

through gallows doors i will lead you.


Fine night and clear, at such a time,

beside the living walk the dead.


Are you not filled with dread??


For you must travel on my side.

Day is night and dark is light.

Sleep shuts the eyes, oh follow the shade

just now on you, my thoughts were laid.


fine night and clear, at such a time,

people are hasting to their doom. 

Suddenly death stands at your side

my sweet love do you fear the tomb? - do you fear the tomb?


oh, pierce the night.


I will seek you,

til the dawn awaits you again

my bitter jearning is just the

groan of the wind, that seeks you.


will you forget me,

or hold your heart in the chest? 

That you know, 

i'll never forget and eternally wait.