BEyond Obsidian Gates

Deep in the neverending universe, a ship is lost in eternity but behind all lights of the stars hides a secret majesty - the great beyond.


Michael Karner (Guitar 2012-2019) brought the lyrics for this song into the early concept of CroworD's debut record in 2012, and took it above this fast and tragic song. Lukas wrote this track with a picture of the deep space and some sciencefiction influenced ideas in his mind. Michael as a huge Sci-fi fan, turned this tune into the hidden titletrack of the first album, years before the final concept of "The Great Beyond" was made in 2016. 


The path is hidden, beyond reach it lies, 

A blood red sunset stricken with oblivion. 

For aeons in silence, buried in the shadow, 

the arcane found its grave


Deeply carved in the flesh of the earth,

a passage of time, shrouded in myth.

unspeakable horror ensnared behind -

beyond the obsidian gates.


Lost in time - seals unbroken

a secret obscure - waiting to be unveiled.


At the end of a relentless quest,

staring through the gaping darkness.

Abomination lurking beyond

the roaring silence is broken.