PRogress from Discontent

Aldous Huxleys book "A Brave New World" told from a different perspective. A wild one falls into a strange utopia where feelings and knowledge are gone, muted by drugs just not to witness pain, heartache or loss. He can feel and knows pain and loss, so he is a threat for the leadership. So they use his knowledge for entertainment of the masses, but there he will die. Death in slavery or Revolution? How would you decide?


The Music should show the complexity of Huxleys new world order and should deliver the struggle in which a free and wild one would be. Lukas dived deeper into the idea of a new unknown world by quoting the most quiet bars of the secund movement of Dvorak's ninth symphony "The New World" and turned it into the most exciting and fierce verse CroworD got. 

What's a Rebellion in a world which sacrificed the will?

deleted hope and love for the unlearned loss.

produced in rearing and spawn, the non-invidual,

witted and bound to spell doom for everyone.


Progress from discontent in a regime of perfection.

in the age of noise could silence be the sword?


you - the wild in the consistent

dream of life, the dream is choked.

Where death feeds the entertainment

your's sold to utopian complete.


Where is the thought in a state which forfeited the intellect?

Drained in castes for the lesser ideal.

Trimmed with deafening noise, to fear the bloom and the science

but where there's blinding light, there is shadow.