MEssage of the Dead

Franz Kafkas' metaphor "An Imperial Message" partly quoted, continued spun and concluded to a hounding story about the kings power over his servants, and their blind obedience. His last message whispered into his servants ear and was sent with him to the kingdoms council into the deep innerst of the huge castle city. But the way is too long, so the servant will never reach this place but will run his whole life for the message of the dead king.


The song was written very early in 2012 and the music shows the mighty castle, the death of the king and the eternal struggle of his servant. So it was parted into 3 parts musically and 2 parts lyrically. The last line of every paragraph is a direct quotation from Kafka's shortstory. The long journey is also an introduction into CroworD's world. As the sevant is on a quest to deliver the words of the king CroworD started their mission to deliver the different stories a Crow would tell ... maybe. 

You`re, the single, a servent in wretchedness,

shades blinded, by the emperiors sun.

Tarnished into the farthest far

go and deliver - deliver the message of the dead.


There it lies - the midest of the world, 

piled high in its sediment.

Nothing reaches through this, 

least the message of a dead.


Barren, he crawls through the innerst palace

chest crowned by the emperiors sun.

Breaking into the endless strains

if he would ever reach the gates - nothing will be gained.


There it lies - the midest of the world, 

piled high in its sediment.

You sit at your window 

and dream, when night bursts in.