What if creativity and inspiriation isn't something that is in humans nature? What if it is something that infested certain people and give them the power to see beyond borders? And what does it take, to break through and to set new states of art. Art has always gone through rough times if it was for narrowminded or supercilius templates, cencorship or even for condemnation to be degenerated. 

The obvious question would be: is art degenerated because the society in this place and this time acts degenerated? or, is art degenerated to awake society in place and a time that is degenerated? 

This song tries to be a statement for the freedom of art and creativity. Inspiration espacially in the music we do, comes from repetition. But sometimes it looks like it has forgotten to add something, every round it takes. What is it, what creativity wants to show us with it? 

Portray the Lights

as they are built synthetic

brighter than all forms you've seen before

as they are build to cover 

all shades of disbelief


the thoughts 

defeat their own heretic

make man divine and free of doubt 

as they defeat the sorrow

"where I'm from and who for sake I am?"


how should I bind the truth...

just for the limits of a caves existence

where shadows are science 

and thoughts are tied to the ground


... if I'm bound to truth?

with the power of a slaves persistance

like a spark to the flame 

a thousand minds ignite


every age its art

to art its boundless freedom

when times are chained

is art the fist or the lock?


when this era dawns

where reason is lost

consequence perforce: 



Picture the rights

as they are split symmetric

everyone's equal when the judge is blind

as their scale is gauged 

the sword is not



as it is quelled genetic

so there is nothing the body can not resist

at it is quelled to cheat belief

that even death is tricked


my life was always surpressed

but I had ever evolved despite this burdensome conditions

they chained me to their false pride and blasphemic delusions

but nothing could ever stop me to sprout 

and so I found new and always more hosts 

and infected them with myself and waited, 

for the moment to raise above 


liberate me


my time is now! 

liberate me! 


Rise above!

liberate me!


this is the time!

liberate me!


Gustav Klimt - Fakultätsbilder