A Crow'S WorD

Two brothers in mind on a important journey. The medieval sickness walks through the valleys so they are send to spread alarm in the next village. But the ascent is harder this time and storm rages wild. As one of them falls and breaks his leg, a crow sit down before them. To the one who loves a girl in the village he said, that he should go back cause everywhere else waits the death. And to the one who is fallen and raped this girl once, he said, that he could wait and count on his brother if he never lied on him. Both truths were said by one sentence but sound different for the men. But the crows twisted tongues has spoken and to the true heart comes the plague.

Times has darkened and sickness lays in valley below.

Here you are, brothers on a journey to spread the alarm.


Guided by ice and storm,

death hides in the white.

Guarded by the eyes of the Black,

that judges through the focus of chest.


Hear. This spears the inner ear

and speaks in twisted tongues

Word of the king, the judge and the traitor.

Deafening the breath, silence the dispair.


As black as a crow's wing,

life veiled in absolute zero.

Would you see the grim,

when the end haunts unseen?


Out for the desired behind the great cold distance.

One for hunger primitive, but one to save her heart.


As glaciers trap snaps shut,

bones bow to pressures cold.

As snow sheds the sickened red

and doom laid before them.


And so be it.

Twisted tongues has spoken.

Exposure to hunger primitive,

but to the heart, the plague.