The Longest Fall

Before man appeared on earth the trees wandered, talked and even two of them fell in love. But then man came and these trees ingrained and these two trees where slowly seperated by a growing path. And in the moment, they didn't even reach with the outstretched branches, a human couple admitting their love, walk under these two trees. So the trees decide that only envy will end their suffer and bury the couple under the weight of their groves. 

The years has carved your skin,

ingrained your strides, burst your heart.

So near, but still too far to reach,

wooden arms would never feel beauty.


They just turned to gray in this longest fall.

Leaves you lost, cloak the path, that divided one heart.


Their shells will be our plunder,

(so) fall to break the season.

These are the last steps of our eldered kingdom,

winters cold chains the vital crown of grace.


Their marks has turned to dust,

born new and turn the soil to stone.

as centuries forgot our grief,

oath on our lips are the ivy around our neck.


Which carries the plague and spits it own beauty.

A loss of words, a dance in motionless.


See there, the pride is falling,

above from the roaring of the stars.

Two shells, but one heart.

Not envy could cover their love.


There we stand for aeons, rusted by the autumn sun.

Fall to understand, the death waits in our groves.