Death and The Maiden

The young Egons Schiele, while he was in service in the first world war, used this old tale, like Schubert and other artist did. From his view the Death comes as a starved priest and takes the girl in her innocence before war will strike this place and ravage but will she come with him?

 Away, oh away

pass by, savage man of bone

I'm still young - so go, devoted one

and do not dare to touch me,

oh do not touch me


Give me your hand, you fair and tender form

I'm your friend, and not here to chastise

Be of good cheer! there is no cruel in me

sleep gently in my arms

oh sleep gently in my arms 


have you ever thought

that roar comes in your direction

that there's a sorrowful inhale

before the sirens scream 


had you never in mind

that air can choke the breathing

that there's no mercy in cast steel

and flames will not discern


All - What once was white

will be torned from innocence

tomorrow brings the red 

in the still of the night 


- so stay in white

leave this barren place behind 

there will be noone left 

to morn you, to miss you - War!


Why, oh why he's passing, 

and with him comes withering

I'm still here - but this place is lost

your embrace will force my eyelids shut 

will force my eyelids shut


lay you in my arms, my dear innocent

I will hold you tight, I keep you safe

oh there is just cruel from here

dream sweet my dear, with your eyes, your eyes wide shut

dream sweet, with your eyes wide shut

Egon Schiele - Der Tod und das Mädchen