New Single - SECESSION - Out Now!

CroworD's second single  "Secession", taken from their new EP "Crimson Gaze" is now available everywhere where music lives!


Get the newest studio produced song from the Austrian Melodic Death Metal formation right now via all streaming services or listen to the song played live on Youtube, taken from the bonus material "Live is More Than Just Breathing". 


What if creativity and inspiriation isn't something that is in human's nature? What if it is something, that infested certain people and give them the power to see beyond borders? And what does it take, to break through and to set new states of art. Art has always gone through rough times if it was for narrowminded or supercilius templates, cencorship or even for condemnation to be degenerated.

The obvious question would be: is art degenerated because the society in this place and this time acts degenerated? or, is art degenerated to awake society in place and a time that is degenerated?


This song tries to be a statement for the freedom of art and creativity. Inspiration especially in the music we do, comes from repetition. But sometimes it looks like it has forgotten to add something, every round it takes. What is it, what creativity wants to show us with that?