Johannes Eder

Instrument: Drums

Born in: 1986


Johannes "Jotschi" Eder embraced rhythms of the whole world in his profession as Drummer. From latin american vibes through austrian folk-music, his journey through the universe of grooves didn't stop by the heavy-hitting metal genres.  

As fellow students at university, one of Lukas' best musical experiences was made together with Johannes in university's Big Band. His musicality and variety, as well as his passion for metal music and especially progressive tendencies, left lasting impressions. As luck would have it, both meet each other at a very progy metal event in vienna and so he was the first one to think about doing the Drums in the vienniese era of CroworD. But his feets are not only good for blasting on kickdrums, he is also a passionated soccerplayer and uses them even for the gentle use on pedals of a Piano. As you see, musicality wasn't the beginning of a joke about a drummer in this case. 

 Johannes plays Gretsch drums with Iron Cobra pedals in CroworD and uses cymbals from Meinl and Zyldjian as well as Sabian. Besides CroworD he also do drums on Yamaha and Pearl Sets and has a variety of percussion instruments.