Patrick Walter

Instrument: Guitar

Born in: 1996



Patrick was one of the view people heading out to the secret first show of CroworD and was there with the band until the very morning hours and celebrated the start of this journey. Since then he was not only a loyal fan and supporter but most of all a dear friend. 

With many interests and talents, he grew up as multi-instrumentalist and his weapon of choice is lucky for CroworD the guitar. But besides his skills on guitar, drums and his vocal folds, his ears are trained intensively due to his buisness as sound engineer and producer. As part of a family buisness concerning music and video production he is always on the verge of the newest developements concerning equipment and recording techniques. If you think it stops there, we are sorry but he is of course also an impressive composer. With many different musical projects but especially with his progressive metal band Full Of Thoughts, Patrick earned a lot of attention. The relationship with CroworD intensified after he invited Lukas to be part of a music video production. Other Projects Patrick was involved has been for instance Metrum with whom he toured alongside Mordred or Jeff Scott Soto.

Patrick is happily supported by Kemper Amps and uses Ibanez Guitars in CroworD as well as other guitars by PRS, VGS or Fender to name some of them, in different projects.