Raphael Käfer

Instrument: Guitars

Born in: 1991


Raphael is for many years now on the top of austrians finest guitarists and made his way through many countries and genres. But where was his musical journey rooted if not in metal music. As a collegue to old members and near friends to the band he was recommended, invited and joined CroworD in the end, which the rest of the band is still in process to comprehend - not only because he plays guitar uncomparablely.

His professional path on guitar started in classical music but escalated in jazz and fusion where he put alot of efford into. He went through 4 different Universities to find out as much as he can grasp about the different approaches to his instrument and is now teaching guitar in one of viennas finest private universities. Puting metal aside for a while, he is part of many different amazing Jazz and Fusion ensembles, most important his own Constellation Project with their debut record 'Retrospection'. Beside that Raphael leads his very new RK4 and the Wild Rascals. In his neverendling hunger for music he appears for instance in Life Aquatic, Niklouds Quartett or the Christoph Suttner Big Band to mention a view. His music got even darker  in his single "Downfall" releasing last year, combining progressive tendencies with modern jazz music and his contribution in the metal canon will be a special one in CroworD.

Raphael is proudly supported by Kemper Amplifiers and uses Ibanez guitars for CroworD. On other stages he also uses Line6 Helix and various guitars but especially PRS and Gibson. 

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