CRIMSON GAZE is out now

The Viennese Melodic Death Metal band CROWORD has been attracting attention with their brute and technically sophisticated Melodic Death Metal for several years now and has already given a fresh impulse to the scene with their two pre-released singles, the uncompromising title track “Crimson Gaze” (https://youtu.be/EcgI1ZPsFFI) as well as the socio-critical “Secession (Where All The Reasons Are Lost)” (https://youtu.be/-ic1W2E5YW0). Now the new 4 track EP “Crimson Gaze” follows with which the up-and-coming Austrian musicians Adrian Schattovits (vocals), Julian Schattovits and Dino Sulic (guitars), Lukas Rappitsch (bass) and Johannes Eder (drums) let a great and massive Melodic Death Metal symphony resound. The new opus has been released today, on September 3, 2021, via NRT-Records and includes in the Digipak version as a special gimmick, accessible via a secret link in the booklet, the live session “Live Is More Than Just Breathing”, rewarding the CD buyer with eleven additional songs. This concert features live versions of the four new songs and also comes with the last years’ best-of tracks from their two previous releases, performed with raw emotion and a lot of sweaty passion in the premises of the Austrian University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna. These perfectly reflect the intense sound of the band around mastermind Lukas Rappitsch, which was strongly inspired by the Gothenburg Death Metal scene of the 1990s, merging with influences from Rock, Jazz and Classical music to create a unique blend. The harbinger of the second album planned for 2022 has been recorded at the Austrian Kochplatte Studio and Elophos Hill Studios. Andreas Koch has been responsible for the mix of the EP and none other than Jens Bogren (Fascination Street Studios), who already worked with Opeth, Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy and many others, has been won over for the mastering. The songs are inspired by painters such as Egon Schiele and Arnold Böcklin, who dealt with the abysses and peaks of human nature about 100 years ago. Fans of musically and lyrically sophisticated Melodic Death Metal should definitely risk more than a listen! The first press reviews also prove that the skillful symbiosis of profound lyrics and excellent virtuosity is well received internationally:


• MetalUnderground.at: Up to now the Austrian band has inspired the editorial offices of several colleagues and if you search the net for live reviews, you will read limitless good things. That means something and gives hope for a great future. With their EP “Crimson Gaze” the Melo Death community gets new food for the approaching autumn. […] The fusion of dark melodies and pure hardness has been assorted excellently. The quintet around mastermind Lukas Rappitsch knows their craft and offers one technical treat after the other. For the impatient reviewer there remains only one thing. Playing the four songs repeatedly from the start at full volume in the room. […] Damn cool done guys, please more soon!


• SoundMagnet.eu: CROWORD continue with their EP “Crimson Gaze” exactly where they left off. The Austrians deliver us Melodic Death Metal on the highest level, which generates anticipation for the next album. Strong performance, the band doesn’t need to hide even in an international comparison, deserved 9/10 points!


• Obliveon.de: The EP is not only because of the eleven song studio jam session “Live Is More Than Just Breathing” a feast for the ears, no, the band has also spared no expense and effort and put the mastering in the hands of Jens Bogren.


• Mix1.de: A successful foretaste of their upcoming, second album.


• NoizzWebzine.blogspot.com (E): A well executed work, well presented, neither too aggressive nor too melodic, with a good balance in its composition and with a crystalline sound that invites you to turn up the volume. In short, a must-listen album for those who love this kind of music that we could simply call Melodeath.


• KaaosZine.fi (FIN): Austrian Melodic Death Metal band CROWORD manages to create a collection of brutality, sensitivity and beauty worth listening to with their “Crimson Gaze” EP. The album’s best features are the brutal guitar sound, the beautiful melodies and the ear-catching vocals. CROWORD shows a fine example of how traditional Melodic Death Metal can be developed with minor twists and turns into more interesting music without major compromises. […] The “Crimson Gaze” EP as a whole is a fresh and nourishing experience for the listener, with musicianship that combines the old and timeless with something new and unfamiliar. Hopefully we will hear more from this Austrian quintet in the near future.


• DiarioDeUnMetalhead.com (ESP): These guys are very talented and they are excellent instrumentalists both when playing hand in hand and when playing solos. […] As you can see, I’ve been playing the album in the background over and over again and writing like a madman inspired by its music. Yes, I really love the EP […] The album deserves it. The band is so great.


• DutchMetalManiac.com (NL): All in all, this is certainly a highly interesting piece of work that shows great promise for the upcoming new full-length album and sets the expectations equally high. Though called Death Metal, the roots certainly are there, the music CROWORD serves us is very accessible and has plenty of hooks that will both attract and entertain a wide crowd of Metal fans from almost every genre. […] they have definitely piqued my interest.


• ZwareMetalen.com (NL): Technique and melodic feeling combined, with a small dose of aggression, double bass vibe, brutality, power, groove, without going really extreme. The melodic guitar lines are really catchy and nostalgia inducing at times, the interplay is also exciting and the drums are relatively clean.


CROWORD’s brand-new brilliant EP “Crimson Gaze”, along with the live session as a bonus, is now available in stores worldwide. Get your copy of the Digipak CD with the cover artwork designed by Irrwisch Artdesign (Mudhoney, Sólstafir, Dool) now, if you like filigree performed Melodic Death Metal with depth or drop by your favorite streaming service or download store:


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