CRIMSON GAZE is out now
Release · 03. September 2021
Today CroworD proudly present their new EP 'Crimson Gaze' which comes along with an one-hour studio live session called 'Live is more than Just Breathing' Get your copy now!

"Crimson Gaze" Single Release
Release · 01. Juli 2021
Today CroworD proudly present the first single to their upcoming and sametitled EP / Live-Album 'Crimson Gaze'.

NRT-Records reveals first glimpses of CRIMSON GAZE
Release · 16. Juni 2021
Our label NRT-Records revealed the first moments of our upcoming EP "Crimson Gaze". Be sure to check it out!

Crimson Gaze EP / Live-Album
Release · 24. Dezember 2020
Today we are very proud to show the cover of our upcoming EP/Live-Album "Crimson Gaze", which will be published by NRT-Records on Septembre 3rd 2021. Crimson Gaze EP will contain following tracks: - Crimson Gaze - Isle of the Dead - Death and the Maiden - Secession All tracks were inspired by a thoughtful selection of fine art from the beginning of the 20th century from painters such as Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt.

The Great Beyond out now!
Release · 16. Juni 2017
CroworD released their first full-length Album "The Great Beyond" via Fastball Records and Frogqueen Media digital and physical.

Manifest of Mortal Sickness EP out Now!
Release · 17. April 2016
Today we do not only revieling CroworD as itself, but also our first Demo/EP called "Manifest of mortal Sickness". With the great artwork by Irrwisch and lyrics reaching from Kafka to Michael Ende.