Release · 26. April 2024
The time has come! Today is the release day of our new single "THE DEVIL’S TRUTH" – which by the way has a feature with the legendary Per Nilsson – best known for his work with Scar Symmetry and Meshuggah the recent years. Check out the new music video and if you like what you see and hear, feel free to stream it as much as you can!

CRIMSON GAZE is out now
Release · 03. September 2021
Today CroworD proudly present their new EP 'Crimson Gaze' which comes along with an one-hour studio live session called 'Live is more than Just Breathing' Get your copy now!

"Crimson Gaze" Single Release
Release · 01. Juli 2021
Today CroworD proudly present the first single to their upcoming and sametitled EP / Live-Album 'Crimson Gaze'.

NRT-Records reveals first glimpses of CRIMSON GAZE
Release · 16. Juni 2021
Our label NRT-Records revealed the first moments of our upcoming EP "Crimson Gaze". Be sure to check it out!

Crimson Gaze EP / Live-Album
Release · 24. Dezember 2020
Today we are very proud to show the cover of our upcoming EP/Live-Album "Crimson Gaze", which will be published by NRT-Records on Septembre 3rd 2021. Crimson Gaze EP will contain following tracks: - Crimson Gaze - Isle of the Dead - Death and the Maiden - Secession All tracks were inspired by a thoughtful selection of fine art from the beginning of the 20th century from painters such as Egon Schiele and Gustav Klimt.

The Great Beyond out now!
Release · 16. Juni 2017
CroworD released their first full-length Album "The Great Beyond" via Fastball Records and Frogqueen Media digital and physical.

Manifest of Mortal Sickness EP out Now!
Release · 17. April 2016
Today we do not only revieling CroworD as itself, but also our first Demo/EP called "Manifest of mortal Sickness". With the great artwork by Irrwisch and lyrics reaching from Kafka to Michael Ende.