Thank you, St.Pölten. Next Stop - Berlin

CroworD had a fantastic time in St.Pölten last night. Due to the covid pandemic, only 50 people were allowed, but they gave their fucking best to make this evening unforgetable! It was an intense show, and credits goes to the amazing bands, which opened this evening. Raging Void was Metal as it should be - pure. And our friends in Catastrofear just brought the wrecking ball to this event. it was a pleasure. St.Pölten, be sure - CroworD will return. 


Photos taken by Klaus Klemens. Thanks for it, they are beautiful. 


Next stop on CroworD's journey is Berlin. There they take part in an very intresting recording project, including a string quartet and a hell of a composer. Kick-off for CroworD's next full-length album. More to be announced soon