CroworD live at Innrock Reloaded Festival 2021
Live · 15. Juni 2021
CroworD will play for you at the Innrock Reloaded Festival 2021 on August 6th together with old friends like Silius and Under Destruction as well as labelcolleagues CircleCreek and massiv Power Metal act Warkings

Live · 10. Juni 2021
Watch the massive Death Metal Special by GrazConnected with Interviews with Punchent Stench, Disharminic Orchestra and Disastrous Murmur and CroworD of course! On top of this we were able to perform a full live set at the ((Szene)) Wien for this event!

CroworD live at ((Szene)) Vienna
Live · 29. Mai 2021
CroworD was invited to stay on stage at ((Szene)) Vienna by Peter Droneberger from GrazConnected to do the live-part of an amazing Death Metal special! Aired on 10/06/2021! So be our guest on your couch and watch it on Facebook via Grazconnected:

CroworD live at Sona Fest 2021
Live · 08. Februar 2021
CroworD will be unleashed again on February 27th ONLINE via Facebook on Sona Bookings page. This will be the first live event with our new line-up and we will play some new tracks from our upcoming EP "Crimson Gaze" as well! Watch the Trailer right here:

CroworD live at Replugged, Vienna
Live · 19. Mai 2019
CroworD had an good evening yesterday at their show at Club Replugged Vienna together with acts like Boon and Mephistos. They had a short set as opener of the evening but the audiance was great, espacially everyone in Austria was looking to Ibiza that day. Thank you and see you soon!

Headliner for Reign of Darkness Vol.III
Live · 22. März 2019
CroworD headlines this springs volume of the Reign of Darkness Festival at the mighty ((Szene)) in Vienna. They will share the stage with their old friends of Dystrust and scene-legends Brewed&Canned

Show Update - Reign of Darkness Festival Vienna
Live · 14. Dezember 2018
BIG NEWS for tonight! CroworD will headline the evining of Dezember 14th 2018 at Viennas ((szene))! So their show will be longer and more intense!

Live · 04. November 2018
CroworD is proud to announce the last show for 2018! They will coheadline the Reign of Darkness Festival at ((szene)) Vienna together with other awesome acts like Days of Loss and Eyes in the Void.

CroworD @ Tales from the Moshpit
Live · 11. November 2017
CroworD is going to open the doors at the 58th version of Tales from the Moshpit in St.Pölten,

Monarchy Tour Announced
Live · 07. September 2017
CroworD presents their debutrecord "The Great Beyond" on Tour through Austria and Hungary together with their good friends of Red Swamp. 07/09/17 - Vienna 08/09/17 - Judenburg 09/09/17 - Graz 14/09/17 - Szekesfehervar 15/09/17 - Kecskemet 16/09/17 - Budapest