CroworD participate in massive collaboration between classical music and modern composing to bring in some Death Metal

CroworD is honoured to announce a massive collaboration with price-winning composer Gerd Hermann Ortler and the amazing Esperia Quartet based in Berlin and leaded by Johanna Pichlmair, member in one of the a-class philharmonic orchestras in europe and a sophisticated solo-violinist. CroworD gathered these extraordinary individuals together and a exciting piece of art is born and will be featured on CroworD's next full length album.


Gerd Hermann Ortler composed a piece of music called "Totenlied" for Stringquartet and used the same inspiriation for this piece, that CroworD uses for their opening track of the new full length record. He allowed CroworD to use this piece as their new intro and they will merge it from fine modern chamber music to death metal storms until they break lose with the new opener. 

Last but maybe most important in this fellowship is Johanna Pichlmair and her Esperia Quartet. With their fine musical language they took this piece into an unbelieveable height. All of them worked hard for the recording process at the Ölberg Kirchen Studios in Berlin the last days and the result is promising. Responsible for the sound was well trusted and CroworD's very own Lisa Hollaus. 


CroworD thanks the whole crew and can't wait to present their audience this amazing piece of music. Keep your ears stiff!