CroworD presents new Line-up in 2024
Announcement · 15. Januar 2024
As Lukas took over the microphone some other things needed to be changed. So CroworD is proud to welcome Raphael Käfer and Patrick Walter in their lineup.

Follow Lukas for his first strike into the Studio
Announcement · 09. September 2022
Put your earphones on and enjoy CroworD's new episode from the Studio! This time we persude deep realms, The album makes good progress every day!

Kick off for CroworD's second full length record
Announcement · 16. August 2022
Earlier this Year CroworD started the process but last weekend the work intesified and brought out more than chippings.

CroworD presents "new" singer!
Announcement · 28. Juli 2022
Life will always hold some surprises! After Adrian told the band, that he is going to leave CroworD, nobody thought, that the new frontman is already in their own rows.

CroworD participate in massive collaboration between classical music and modern composing to bring in some Death Metal
Announcement · 22. Februar 2022
CroworD is honoured to announce a massive collaboration with price-winning composer Gerd Hermann Ortler and the amazing Esperia Quartet based in Berlin and leaded by Johanna Pichlmair, member in one of the a-class philharmonic orchestras in europe and a sophisticated solo-violinist. CroworD gathered these extraordinary individuals together and a exciting piece of art is born and will be featured on CroworD's next full length album.

Crimson Gaze T-Shirts available in CroworD's Shop
Announcement · 31. August 2021
CroworD's new and beautiful shirt to their upcoming release 'Crimson Gaze' is available now, catch it either on tour or right here via the online shop. Get yours today, there are just 100 pieces yet.

CroworD signs for NRT Records
Announcement · 11. Dezember 2020
We are proud to announce our new partnership with NRT-Records! Their team fell in love with our music from the first note on, which makes us confident and happy to lay it in their hands. They will be responsible for our old releases as well as our upcoming material!

CroworD presents new Line-up
Announcement · 04. Dezember 2020
This is CroworD in 2021. After one and a half years of preparation and looking for the final line-up, CroworD is happy and proud to arise from the ashes and to be finally back on tracks. We have great news following in the next weeks, but for now, here is the start of a new era: CroworD is: Adrian Schattovits - Vocals Dino Sulic - Guitar Julian Schattovits - Guitar Lukas Rappitsch - Bass Johannes Eder - Drums

Lukas Rappitsch officially endorsed by Spector Basses
Announcement · 13. Dezember 2018
American noble bass manifacture Spector endores Lukas Rappitsch, CroworD's Bassist and Bandleader! He uses an Euro 5 LX costum model for now, but let's see what the future will bring!