CroworD presents new Line-up in 2024

As Lukas took over the microphone on the upcoming record, to be released late april 2024 some other things needed to be changed. So CroworD is proud to welcome Raphael Käfer and Patrick Walter in their lineup.

Patrick is a first minute supporter of CroworD, an impressive soundengineer, a fantastic guitarist and has a long relationship with Lukas through university, in other projects and privatly. As he heard, that Lukas was in search for new guitarplayers he was immediately intrested and it took not even a second for CroworD to say yes!

Raphael was a collegue on university to some old members and came in contact with CroworD through them. To have such a brilliant guy with immensive skills in the band brings so much quality to our experiences and we are sure to deliver them to you too.  

Stay tuned about the upcoming record and be prepared for a full scheduled April with a lot of shows everywhere.